MOS Championship

Microsoft Office World Championship puts students’ skills at MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel to test. The championship has got a nationwide reach, followed by an international contest. It is open for all the students across the country, and therefore calls students from various schools to first participate in the regional level, further the national level (based on qualification in the regional contest), and then on successful completion of the national level, the top 150 students are selected to represent their country on global or the international level. As a global contest helping to earn global recognition, educators must step forward and join the technological revolution by encouraging their students to participate in this contest.


Junior school students from all over the country participate in the ICT Junior India Championship. An age wherein technology has taken over almost every human intervened activity, it becomes imperative to get acquainted with technology and the different applications that surround it. Today, the use of computers, internet, and other modern applications has become an essential pre-requisite, without which, your professional competence is rendered incomplete. Especially, for people looking forward to pursuing a career in information technology, or for the ones who wish to upgrade and turn more effective with the use of technology, the IC3 Digital Literacy program proves to be the best resort.


  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Participants receive a co-branded participation certificate from Certiport USA and CITIS InfoTech
  • Qualifying students receive an internationally recognized ICT certification at the regional round from Certiport USA.
  • Besides certificates, there are many other exciting merchandises such as school bags, pens, pouches, T-shirts, caps, etc
  • National Winners
  • 1st Prize: Gold medal, certificate, and an educational scholarship of INR 20,000
  • 2nd Prize: Silver medal, certificate and an educational scholarship of INR 15,000
  • 3rd Prize: Bronze medal, certificate and an education scholarship of INR 5,000

Participate And Register

How do I compete in the Upcoming MOS Championship 2021?

It is necessary that you earn the MOS certification in order to compete for the MOS championship in 2021. While you take up the MOS examination in MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint or MS-Excel, you are auto-enrolled for the MOS Championship 2021, with which, you have an opportunity to represent your country for in the international MOS championship.